Help, I need somebody?

What is a home consultation? Well, anything that you are struggling with or want to do in an easier way. Do you want a calmer home, clear support and non-judgmental? That's what I do. I come to you, find out how I can help and enable YOU to get the balance you want. The cost is £50 for an hour and a half. In that time, I find out the struggles, and work with you to find the right way to enable you to over come them. I leave you with an action plan that we have agreed and you have follow up support available if you need/ want it.

Why should you book a home consultation?

I enable you to get the results you want. Areas that I empower on are: - Sleep support - Positive behaviour enhancing - Separation anxiety - Transitions - School preparation - Weaning - Routine support/ No routine support.

Think of me as a walking talking manual for children!

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