Life, but not as we know it...

Wow. What a change, life has changed so dramatically. Normally I am very busy creating plans and in the 'final term' before big school, a time of huge transition that is an even bigger milestone and hurdle for some children. For parents it is also a terribly heart wrenching transition because your little ones are about to take a massive leap in their life, and that means your world is growing up and moving to the next stage.

Yet for the most of us we are at home, thrown into Life, but not as we know it.

This is the new norm.

I have had some Zoom appointments with families and I genuinely understand the concern, the dread of another day, the fear that you are not teaching your children enough, the fear that YOU are not enough. YOU are not alone. Every household I speak to feels the same. So first of, shake of that shame. There is none to be assigned.

Parents are suddenly thrown into this turmoil of working from home, teaching your children whilst working from home, queuing at the shops for hours to see what you can throw together for dinner, and also because your children are eating you out of house and home, plus... you probably need some more chocolate. I need you to know that it is ok, you are not alone and as I stand in the ques for the supermarket I am that person that speaks to others, tries to lighten their day and the regimented way we now have to shop.

We all hope this will be over soon and if people #stayhome it will be over quicker.

Something I found that helps, I accepted 'Life, but not as we know it'. I let go of the norm. I embraced the new and set myself a general routine. I do not stick to it every day, I do extra on some days and some days I eat homemade cheesecake and frozen fruit pops made from fruit juice. I had to learn to let go of my usually quite strict daily regime, and that is not life as I know it. (But the cheesecake is good)

My message is you do not have to be alone. You can access a whole multitude of support online, so access it, do not suffer in silence. Call me, email me, gain the guidance you need to get back on track. I can give you plans for goals to achieve and not just educational milestones, but things to develop at home, for you and your children. Most of this is for free!

Make this the childhood of dreams, and for you, the time that you shine brightest (with simple methods that are super easy, I promise).

I can teach you how to get your children ready for school. I can assure you that you are enough, and I can even share my cheesecake recipe. In the words of Tesco #everylittlehelps and sometimes Life as we know it, calls for cheesecake.

I am a key worker, a huge amount of my family are key workers and we regularly send #covidcheckin text messages to just check in on each other. There was no big Roast dinner with the whole family rocking up in between shifts and other commitments and I seem to spend my days decorating and cooking for some of the local Key workers which I know they are hugely grateful for, but what else can I do? (I do shower prior to Zoom consultations by the way, paint and plaster dust just adds to my greys!).

I hugely applaud all key workers, but I also hugely applaud you, the parents, the ones stuck at home climbing the walls.

So, anyone for cheesecake?

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