You are a Diamond Dear

A tale of Lauren. I was in a supermarket the other day. A mum was trying so hard with her son, who I am going to guess is around 4 years old. The mothers explanation and tone was very good. I could see she was exhausted but she was trying. This little boy, was not letting it go that he did not want to be in the supermarket and he was going to make it known. Then he ran. The shock on her face as she dropped her handbag and shopping basket and ran out of the shop after him. I was surprised at the amount of 'tuts' this poor mother got. I walked over, gathered the items that had fallen out of her handbag and basket, and waited. Yes I had places to be. But did 5 minutes matter? No. When she came back, upset and now screaming child next to her, I handed her things to her, gave her a hug and gently told her 'You are a diamond dear, they can't break you, keep going'. I had two meanings to the words I said. Firstly, the child and secondly the 'tutters' in the shop. Neither will break you. They will test and try you but they will not break you. Keep the faith that someone will always pick up your basket!

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